Monday, April 19, 2010

First Parts Go Back Together

A small step forward tonight getting the frame back inside the garage before the rains start and putting the rear caster wheels on. They still need a better washer under the axle nut, but it's good to connect a few parts together.

I also weighed many of the parts to get a better idea what the final monster will be like.

The frame tops the scales at 70 lbs. This thing is heavy. As you can see though, it's really solid. It's made to carry around up to 300 pounds in a comfy chair.

Other heavy stuff:
  • Frame : 70 lbs
  • 2 large wheels : 24 lbs
  • 4 small wheels : 4 lbs
  • Single 12v 35 amp-hour battery, 22 lbs or 44 lbs total
  • Two motors with 32:1 reduction gearbox : 25 lbs combined
  • On board 24v battery charger : 5 lbs
For those of you not doing the math, that comes to 172 pounds. Call it about 175 when the cables, switches and motor controller are added.

I threw on one motor to take a look at it's mount and how it interacts with the front suspension. The two smallest wheels stick out in front and normally ride a few inches above a flat surface. These can prevent the unit from tipping forward, or help ride up a curb or small obstacle.

The front and main wheels are mounted on a small bogie bracket. This can pivot slightly from a point just in front of the center drive wheels, and is held in place by the large spring shock unit. When the front wheels hit a curb, they are pushed up, which in turn pushes down on the main wheels and thus raises the frame to a climbing angle.

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